COVID-19 Updates/Policies

As always, the safety of our students and staff members have been and still remain our top priority. It is because of this that we have implemented safety procedures and protocols to ensure the well being of all. Please take a moment to read the following policies:

  1. Employees will go through a symptom checking procedure before each shift, including taking of temperatures. This information is being logged on a daily basis. Staff members who do not pass the symptom checking procedure will be sent home.
  2. Employees will continue to social distance 6 feet apart from all students. If this is not feasible, then employees will wear face coverings.
  3. All students will need to submit a weekly health assessment survey within 24-hours of their first class of the week.
  4. All patrons will be asked to wear a face covering when inside our school. Preschool students have been granted an exception to this rule by the health department, as well as dancers when taking class.
  5. Students entering the building will be stopped at the front desk where staff members will take their temperature. If your student has a fever (100.4° or more), he or she will be asked to go home. Students with regular temperatures will be asked to use the hand sanitizer and may proceed to go to their classroom.
  6. Students who are high risk or who have high risk family members living in the same household, are encouraged to use face coverings when entering the building, exiting the building and moving from one classroom to another. In order to better accommodate our high risk families, we ask that you drop off your student 10-12 minutes prior to the start of their class. 
  7. Students from different households must maintain 6 feet of distance when feasible. This includes when entering the building, waiting for temperatures to be taken and during certain classes. This may be increased based on government regulations.
  8. Students must have all items inside their dance bags at all times with the exceptions of changing clothing for dance classes and obtaining their meals/snacks during their breaks.
  9. We will continue to limit the number of people in the building. Therefore, only students who are taking class are permitted to enter the studio and we ask that you drop off your dancer 5-8 minutes before the start of her class. Family members are not allowed to wait in the lobby, snack bar or other classrooms.
  10. Students will disinfect their hands when changing rooms/studios. Teachers will disinfect high touch areas after the use of the room. 
  11. Chemical disinfectant supplies are available throughout the entire studio and dancers are encouraged to use them as much as possible, though it is preferable for dancers to wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  12. As a precaution, we continue to fumigate all classrooms after a team finishes using the room.
  13. We have moved to a cashless system. Parents can pay their tuition and/or fees with credit and debit cards only. We encourage all parents to pay their fees through the parent portal/app. You are able to save your preferred method of payment through the parent portal. This includes: checking/savings accounts and all debit/credit cards. You may also call the front office and request for a phone payment to process with no convenience fees. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.