Intermediate Competitive Teams

Our award-winning Company programs are for intermediate to advanced competitive dancers ages 7 & up who want to continue a higher level and intensity of training. Dancers will attend a base schedule of 9-12 hours of class per week in a variety of genres including ballet, jazz technique, movement, tap, hip-hop & contemporary.


Dancers participating in our Company teams will all take leveled class for their technical classes. The main focus of this program is technical development, performance quality and artistry of movement. Throughout the year, Company members perform at 2 local events: The Family Christmas Gift Show in November and our annual Year-End Showcase. They will also attend 1 local workshop,  2 local conventions in Spring, 4 competitions and also have opportunities to travel to compete out of state each year. This is a committed, team-based program where members will also learn important life and leadership skills. We also provide social events, team-building activities and community service opportunities throughout the year.

Company Teams

Tuition starting at $198 a month

  • Mini Company
    • 7-10 Year Olds
    • 9 Hours per week
    • 3 Routines

  • Jr. Company
    • 10-12 Year Olds
    • 10.5 Hours per week
    • 3 routines

  • Teen Company
    • 12-14 Year Olds
    • 8 Hours per week
    • 2 routines

  • Company Prep
    • 12-14 Year Olds
    • 12 Hours per week
    • 3 routines

Dancers who wish to progress even faster and would like to take additional class are encouraged to add on any Leveled Company classes to their regular team schedule.