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Below is a list of items that each dancer will need to purchase for competitions and performances. All items must be organized in a case or bag, labeled with the dancers name and organized inside a Vision Duffle Bag or Rolling Suitcase. Siblings may share hair and makeup items but will need to purchase individual earrings, tights, shoes, etc. Bag inspections will be held at the beginning of each season. Dancers must be prepared to show every item on the inspection list in order to pass inspection. They are then expected to bring the full list of items to every performance and competition for the entire season. Be sure to go through your bag before every event to check for items that may need to be replenished and make sure you are not missing anything.


  • All makeup items are available at Target, Amazon and Ulta
  • Make sure every item is labeled with your dancer’s name


  1. Spray bottle
  2. Hair gel (extra hold)
  3. Aerosol extra hold hairspray (Aqua Net is best)
  4. Comb
  5. Bristle brush
  6. Heavy hair elastics (matching hair color)
  7. Large Bobby Pins (matching hair color)
  8. Regular Bobby Pins (matching hair color)


  1. Bag for keeping makeup clean and organized
  2. Brushes and applicator set
  3. Mineral powder foundation
  4. Concealer (for under eyes and blemishes)
  5. Eye Shadow in the following colors: dark plum/purple shade; light purple shade; and ivory/champagne/white shade. (These may be individual form or in a palette)
  6. Eyeliner: black color (liquid, pencil, or gel)
  7. Mascara: black color
  8. Blush: peachy pink color
  9. Lipstick:
    • NYX Shout Loud Satin Lipstick in “Wife Goals”
    • Teen Elite – NYX “Opinionated”
    • Mini ITC – NYX “Little Denim Dress, Bright Sky Blue”

Additional make up items needed for Teen and Jr Elite ITC:

  1. Ardel lashes #105 and lash adhesive


  1. Nail polish remover pads (no liquid)
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Safety pins (small, regular & large)
  4. Vision performance earrings (purchased at front desk)
  5. Vision Team Sweats (Vision Jacket & All Black Leggings)
  6. (2) pairs of performance tights, fishnets, etc. (if specified for costume)
  7. Performance shoes (if specified for costume)
  8. All costume pieces in extra-large Ziploc bags or garments bags label with dancer’s name
  9. Headpieces for all costumes
  10. Vision travel bag (duffle or rolling suitcase) label with dancer’s name
  11. First Aid Kit (recommended items): Band-aids, ibuprofen/acetaminophen, small scissors and/or fingernail clippers, sharpie marker, feminine products, Bengay.