Beginner Competitive Teams

Our Impact team program is for beginning to intermediate level, competitive dancers ages 5 and up. Dancers will attend a schedule of 4.5-8 hours of class per week in a variety of genres including: jazz technique, ballet, movement, tap, hip-hop and choreography.


The main focus of this program is technical development, performance quality, precision and artistry of movement. Throughout the year, dancers will have several local performance opportunities including: 2 studio shows and 1-2 community performances. They will attend 3 local competitions (1-2 numbers per team),  2 local dance workshop weekends, Epic (Fall) and The Movement (Winter).


This is a committed, team based program where members will learn important life and leadership skills. There is an emphasis on attendance, accountability & work ethic at this level. We also provide fun social events, team-building activities and community service opportunities throughout the year.

Impact Teams

  • Petite Impact
    • 5-6 year olds
    • 4.5 hours per week
    • 2 days per week
    • $144 monthly tuition

  • Mini Impact
    • 6-8 year olds
    • 6 hours per week
    • 2 days per week
    • $186 monthly tuition

  • Jr. Impact
    • 8-11 year olds
    • 6.75 hours per week
    • 2 days per week
    • $209.25 monthly tuition

  • Teen Impact
    • 11 year olds & up
    • 8 hours per week
    • 3 days per week
    • $240 monthly tuition