Elite Intensive Training Company

Advanced Competitive Teams

Our Elite Intensive Training Company is an advanced, pre-professional, competitive program for dancers ages 9 and up who wish to pursue a higher level of diversity and intensity of training with goals of dancing professionally and/or in college. The main focus of this program is technical development, performance quality, artistry of movement and professional readiness. Dancers will attend a minimum of  13-15.5 hours of class per week (depending on age) in a variety of genres including: ballet, jazz technique, movement, modern, contemporary, tap, hip-hop, pilates & choreography. Additional time for choreography sessions, rehearsals, master classes, performances, etc. will be required. 


Elite ITC dancers will have opportunities to perform for local community events, 2 full studio productions/shows and will audition to guest perform with local professional companies. They will also attend 1 local dance competition, 3 local convention/competitions, Intensive Training master classes, & The Movement In-house workshop (Winter). Elite ITC Dancers are required to participate in 4 numbers and may audition for additional small groups and/or specialty numbers, and are recommended to compete a solo piece.


This is a highly committed, team-based program where members will learn important life and leadership skills. We also provide social events, team-building activities and community service opportunities throughout the year. 

Elite ITC dancers are held to the highest standard in our studio and are expected to be an example of integrity, work ethic, kindness, professionalism, moral value, enthusiasm, respect (for self and others) dedication and persistence whether in the studio or out in the community. We are not just looking for skill. We are looking for character. 




 Elite Intensive Training Company Teams
  • Mini Elite ITC

    • 9-11 year olds
    • 13 hours per week
    • $364 monthly tuition

  • Jr. Elite ITC
    • 11-13 year olds
    • 14 hours per week
    • $378 monthly tuition

  • Teen/Sr. Elite ITC
    • 13-17 year olds
    • 15.5 hours per week
    • $390 monthly tuition