Our Preschool Philosophy

Children develop, learn and grow more during their preschool years than at any other time in their lives.  Vision is dedicated to seeing your child reach their full potential during this important time. Our preschool programs are designed to stimulate your child to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Our comprehensive curriculum allows each child to shine as they discover their individual abilities through a perfect balance of academic learning and creative exploration!


Our unique daily educational experience includes a progressive and engaging academic curriculum.  Each student has one on one “Teacher & Me” time where they can work with their teacher at a pace that is comfortable for them. We believe in arming our students with the knowledge, self-confidence, social skills and a love of learning that will prepare them for a lifetime of academic success!

10 reasons to choose Vision’s preschool:

  1. New Building: Opening May 2017, our stand-alone facility is the perfect environment for our students to learn and explore in a safe and convenient atmosphere. Located at 11545 S. 3600 W. in South Jordan. The new building is 10,000 square feet, with 3 classrooms, a full kitchen, snack bar, playground and 3 large activity rooms.
  2. Small Class Size: Classrooms are spacious but class sizes are kept small to ensure your child receives the attention they need to maximize their early childhood learning experience.
  3. Physical Activity: Our students get time every day to play outside in our fully fenced playground or in one of our large activity rooms. This type of physical activity is just as important to a child’s development as academics.
  4. Experienced Staff: Our staff is dedicated to making sure that preschool is an exciting and nurturing experience for your child. Our teachers have an average of 12 years’ or more of teaching experience and are also CPR certified.
  5. Multi-Program Facility: We are a top-rated, multi program facility. Our Preschool and Dance package is our most popular program. Your child can come for preschool, join their friends for lunch bunch and then take one of our corresponding Tiny Tots dance classes! Parents love the convenience and the kids have a whole lot of fun!
  6. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program includes and surpasses the standards and guidelines set by the Utah State Office of Education for Kindergarten readiness.
  7. Additional Curriculum: In addition to our standard academics, we also incorporate music, art, creative movement, dramatic play and sensory activities each day, which stimulate their growing brains and keeps learning exciting and fun.
  8. Whole Child Philosophy: We believe in helping develop the whole child. At Vision, we teach respect, responsibility, manners, independence, self-confidence, kindness and empathy. These values lay the foundation for social, emotional and academic success throughout preschool and beyond!
  9. “Teacher & Me”: Our teachers work one on one with each student every day during Teacher & Me time which allows them to challenge each child at their own pace.
  10. Parental Involvement: We encourage parents to be an active part of their child’s preschool experience. We offer many opportunities for you to be involved and enjoy this exciting and special time.