Recreational Programs

We offer non-competitive, recreational dance and sports programs for children ages 2 years old and above.

Tiny Tots Dance is a non-competitive program for dancers ages 2-5 years old. Children get an introduction to basic techniques in multiple genres of dance. Performance opportunities are offered.

Our Little Sparks program is for dancers ages 4-5 who have a love for dance and would like to explore the fun and benefits of a competition team.  Little Sparks is a novice team program that is designed to introduce young dancers and their parents to the world of competition teams without a huge financial or time commitment.

Our Hip-Hop/Flip Flop class is for kids ages 3-5 who love to dance, move and flip around. This high-energy class combines the basics of hip-hop (only age appropriate movement and music – we promise!) with basic acrobatic and tumbling skills.

The Intro to Dance program is a non-competitive program for children ages 3-12 years old who want to explore basic dance techniques with minimal commitment level. Performance opportunities are offered.

Broadway Kids is a performance arts class for children ages 5 and up where students learn: vocal skills & harmonization, basic dance steps, performance skills & showmanship, and stage presence & confidence.

Rising Stars gives dancers ages 5 year olds and up the chance to develop their technique and love for dance with a minimal commitment outside their weekly class time. They will have several opportunities to be on stage & perform throughout the year.