Little Sparks

Introduction to Competitive Dance

Our Little Sparks program is for dancers ages 4-5 who have a love for dance and would like to explore the fun and benefits of a competition team. Dance is a “performing art”. When our young dancers are able to get on stage and entertain more often they become more confident and are able to understand that a little bit of hard work pays off! 

Little Sparks is a novice team program that is designed to introduce young dancers and their parents to the world of competition teams without a huge financial or time commitment. It gives dancers more opportunities to share their talents on stage while building new skills and friendships! 

Dancers will attend 3 hours of class per week and receive technical training in jazz, ballet & tap within a creative, age appropriate curriculum. They will also learn choreography numbers that they will perform at 3-4 studio and community events throughout the year and one local dance competition. The only summer requirement is to attend one of Vision’s summer dance camps.

Entry to this program is by invitation or private evaluation only. The dancers are evaluated on the following: 

A love for dance and entertainment

Natural ability to learn dance skills/steps and apply corrections

Ability to focus and follow directions during class (basic discipline skills)

Readiness for learning at a fast pace

Willingness to be coached