Solos, Duos, and Trios

Solo, duos and trios are a great opportunity for dancers to grow in many ways. Dancers of all ages and skill levels are eligible to compete in a solo, duo, or trio.

Dancers wishing to compete a solo, duo, or tio have the opportunity to choose their choreographer and style of dance. Pricing will vary between choreographers and all payments will be made directly to them. Please be aware that each choreographer has a different contract that may include or exclude accompanying your dance at events. Make sure you are clear and understand all the details provided by your choreographer. Be aware that Vision staff is not responsible for your dancer during the solo, duo, trio events.


Parents will be responsible to attend the Solo, Duo, Trio Registration & Costume Ordering Day held in fall. On this day, parents will register their dancer(s) for competitions they would like their dancers to compete in, as well as order their costumes. Costumes must be paid in full on this day. Competition fees will also be due at the time of registration, but may be paid in 4 installments that must be scheduled with the front desk.

Participants Can Expect:

Personal one on one attention and instruction

Artistic development

Performance skill enhancement

Technical growth

Performance skill enhancement

Extra performance and competition opportunities