Vision Dance and Learning Center - Dance and Preschool | Preschool Staff
Our preschool programs are designed to stimulate your child to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. All curriculums are planned throughout a 10-month program that is developmentally appropriate for their corresponding class age, and the program allows your child to shine as they discover their individual abilities.
Preschool, Preschool Riverton Utah, Riverton, Utah
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Vision’s Preschool Staff

Our Experienced Preschool Staff

Lisa Bunker

Miss Lisa teaches 2 yr. old preschool, 3 yr. old & 5 yr. old Darling dance

Lisa received her Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with a preschool emphasis in 1999 and has been working with children in the preschool and dance field for 17 years.  She loves working with children and hopes to continue being  positive influence in their lives.

Randi Shaw

Miss Randi teaches 2 yr. old preschool

Randi has been teaching for over 25 years and studied Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Education at Fullerton College in Southern California. She has taught preschool children for many years. Randi loves being able to have a positive influence on her student’s lives while helping them achieve their highest potential.

Samantha Williams

Preschool Director
Miss Sam teaches 2 yr. old preschool, 3 year old preschool, & 5 Yr. Old Preschool Teacher

Lisa Burbidge

Preschool Director
Miss Lisa teaches 4 yr. old preschool

April Gruber

Preschool Teacher & Preschool Aide
Miss April teaches 3 yr. old preschool
& aids 2 yr. old preschool

Tammy Draney

Preschool Aide
Miss Tammy aids 3 yr. old preschool

Amy Rodeback

Preschool Aide
Miss Amy aids 3 yr. old preschool and 5 yr. old preschool

Amanda Finlayson

Preschool Aide
Miss Amanda aids 4 yr. old preschool

Enrichment Program Instructors

Candice Simmons

Miss Candice teaches 2 yr. old & 4 yr. old Darling Dance

Brittany LeSuer

Darling Dance Instructor & Super Sport Instructor
Miss Brittany teaches 2 yr. old Darling Dance, 2 yr. old & 4 yr. old Super Sport

Lisa Bunker

Darling Dance Instructor
Miss Lisa teaches 3 yr. old & 5 yr. old Darling Dance

Celeste Casey

Fantastic Friday Teacher